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Designer | Illustrator | Architect

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Hiiee, I'm Komal, a passionate designer and illustrator based in Melbourne, Australia. Originally from India, I made the move to Melbourne in 2019 with my husband, and this transition has been a significant source of new design inspiration and motivation for me. I specialize in crafting captivating branding assets and stationery designs that reflect my unique artistic style. 

My design journey has been a tale of cultural fusion and artistic pursuits. I am distinguished by my expertise in crafting multilingual and multicultural designs, with a particular focus on the intricacies of love, nature and whimsical maps. Whether it's custom botanical illustrations, maps, or bespoke invites, my work is a celebration of creativity and diversity.

Beyond my design and illustration work, I'm a person full of life and energy. I find joy in exploring various creative realms, from candle making and cyanotype printing to flower pressing and pottery. This intersection of my design work and creative explorations defines my holistic approach to life and art. I'm here to bring your ideas to life and add a touch of magic to your brand or event with my colorful, nature-inspired, and multicultural designs.


Some of the amazing individuals who have placed their trust in me

Zetta Florence
Kahani Paradise Estate 
South Asian Australian Centre
Musculoskeletal Australia




Visual Identity

Branding, Logo design, Brand guidelines, Branding assets

commercial illustration

Packaging, Marketing campaigns, Visual pedagogy, Map illustration, Editorial work

Graphic Design

Print and digital assets, Digital marketing assets, Stationery design

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